About Us

About Us

Hong Kong Finance Company Limited is a member of the Hong Kong Finance Group Limited (stock code: 1273), the mortgage business of which dated back to 1996. In 2013, the Group became Hong Kong’s first listed finance company that was principally engaged in mortgages.

Hong Kong Finance is devoted to providing our clients with a wide variety of professional, reliable and flexible loan services. Whether you are looking for capital or business expansion, our loan managers will follow through your case personally and present you with flexible and thoughtful loan solutions suited to your specific needs. We aim at helping you deal with your financial needs with ease and enjoy easy access to capital.



According to "Money Lenders Market Share Research" in 2023, Hong Kong Finance (Personal Loans) Co., Ltd. ranked at 6th (2.7%) and Hong Kong Finance Co., Ltd. ranked at 9th (1.9%).


In order to diversify its business, Hong Kong Finance launched Yacht Loans/Yacht Owner Personal Loans.


To meet the large private loan needs of homeowners, launched the new product unsecured homeowner loans.


As a local enterprise, the Group actively prepared for the provision of SME loans to meet the capital and borrowing needs of local SMEs.


Personal Loans for HOS and Public Housing Homeowners were introduced to expand our customer base and cater for the needs of an ever-growing group of homeowners.


The Group began investing in and developing Personal loans to diversify its business and generate more revenue.


Hong Kong Finance Group Limited officially passed the compliance review with listing rules and was listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: 1273). It was the first listed financial institution principally engaged in mortgage loans in Hong Kong.


Our mortgage loan business continued to grow along with economic development and increased market recognition. Hong Kong Finance Group Limited became one of the top 10 licensed money lenders in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong Finance Group Limited was established in 1996, principally engaged in mortgage loans.

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